Vehicle 19 Movie (2012)

"Vehicle 19 Movie Poster"

Vehicle 19 Movie Poster

Vehicle 19 movie will be going to attract large crowds to theaters for this action and thriller filled motion picture is going to offer fans a great time at theaters. From the look of this flick the cinematic element of thriller will be highlighted in a such a way that audience will find this to be entertaining in a  fascinating way. Though this is an independent cinematic venture it seems to have a number of interesting and impressive  features which will enable this to be a crowd puller. An adrenaline rushing and mind bending cinematic experience will be offered for audience to look forward.

Vehicle 19 movie will make sure to keep the attention of viewers fully focused on wide screen so rest is assured for interested fans that they will not feel disappointed about what this flick has to offer. Mukunda Michael Dewil is the director who is behind this flick and he will have delivered a not to be missed kind of a flick. Movies dealing with action and thriller elements are always looked forward by viewers so it is safe that this will be a crowd puller of a motion picture. Many will be quite interested in seeing this as this looks promising.

Well known actor Paul Walker will be starring in the main role of this action thriller flick and since he is one of the notable stars Vehicle 19 movie will draw much attention. A charming and amusing flick this is going to be. He is the well known star who is going to show his fine performances in this motion picture and many will find themselves captivated by the cinematic elements of action and thriller. It is yet to be seen who else will be starring in this motion picture. A one of a kind motion picture this can expect to be for audience.

Vehicle 19 movie will go on to see a guy who finds his life thrown into a roller coaster ride of action and thriller. The plot which capture the story of an American who find his life thrown into a maze of adrenaline rushing action and thriller. He is a foreigner who has come for travel and he hires a car for his convenience. This simple action makes his path cross with that of a corrupted police officer. So as this corrupted police officer tries to  bring an end to the witness who has much to testify against him. This he find himself caught in the middle of this scenario.

Vehicle 19 movie has an impressive and interesting tag line which goes as wrong place, wrong time and wrong car which shows this will be unlike any other flick that audience have ever seen. The addition of action and thriller will make sure to draw the attention of audience to this flick so rest is assured for interested fans that they will be greeted by a well crafted and finely done motion picture. A not to be missed action and thriller filled flick this sure is.

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