The Lucky One Movie (2012)

"The Lucky One"

The Lucky One

The Lucky Ones movie is the new motion picture to bring together romance and drama in an exciting and wonderful way. This new addition to genre will make sure to deal with those sought after cinematic elements in a stunning and striking way. Since this motion picture is the theatrical adaptation given to a work by one of the popular novelists this will make sure to have large crowds attracted to theaters. Among them will be those who have read the novel and they will be interested in knowing how the motion picture treatment given to it will look like.

The Lucky Ones movie will be complete with a star studded cast so fans of either star will be looking forward to see this motion picture. Actor Zac Efron who has made it to fame with his character portrayal in a musical series will be starring in the leading role so he will be adding another versatile piece of acting to his resume. Veteran actress Blythe Danner will also play one of the significant roles in movie. Leading lady of movie will be upcoming actress Taylor Schilling who seems to have nabbed another amazing character portrayal to her budding resume.

Protagonist of The Lucky Ones movie will be Logan who is a marine. He just finished three tours in Iraq and it is clear that he had been one of the extremely lucky soldiers to survive all three of them. He strongly believes that the reason why he survived is the good luck charm he carries in his pocket. This good luck charm is the photograph of a woman that he had picked up. After returning home he decides to find out about the woman in photograph and he find himself going to North Carolina. The result of this journey has a great effect on lives of many.

Scott Hicks is the director who is behind The Lucky Ones movie and with two Oscar nominations included in his resume it can be said that this new motion picture is going to catch much attention at theaters because of its combination of romance and drama. Viewers will be delighted to see this enjoyable and exciting sounding motion picture. As the former mentioned storyline is brought to wide screen audience will find themselves looking at a fine realization of a motion picture. Fans are encouraged to be there at theaters to see this motion picture.

With its production is final stages at the moment it can be said that The Lucky Ones movie is most likely to be released sometime at the beginning of next year. Upcoming motion picture definitely has a number of fascinating features included in is content such as the star studded cast and the talented movie maker. So it is safe to assume that this new motion picture is going to be a wonderful realization of a motion picture for anticipating viewers to stay tuned in. An engaging and compelling cinematic experience is promised for viewers to look forward.

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