The Invention of Lying Review (2009) Worlds first lie

The Invention of Lying

The Invention of Lying

Lying is the worst thing in world. It is causes to many problems even for murder. Sociologist pointed out that every person has told even one lie in their life time. Can you think the world without lie? The American upcoming movie the invention of lying (2009) is talk about world where people live without lie.

The Invention of Lying (2009) is genres comedy and this hilarious movie directed by Ricky Gervais who screenplay in forthcoming movie Cemetery Junction (2010). Matthew Robinson also a get same responsible by directing this movie and he has done grate job in this movie. Starring Ricky Gervais as mark, Jennifer Garner as jeniffer, Rob Lowe as rob, Louis C.K. as Greg, Jonah Hill as Frank, Christopher Guest as Nathan Goldfrappe, Tina Fey as Shelley, Jeffrey Tambor as Anthony.

In that world no one tell lie even for a joke. It is really impossible in our world. But it is a really good world and Mark is an honest guy who works in a film industry.  He talked with thousand of actors. In his life still he could not win .but one lie make his life completely changed. Yes, he won the world as a story teller by one lie. This is full of comedy and it set to be September 25, 2009.

This wittiness movie used very uncommon theme and it is rare to seen this kind of movie. Lot of people tells lies. But rare to see person who tells lies to her or his love. When we love some one truly we never lie to them. It is a nature of true love. Mark also same guy. Though he tells ton of lies he never cheat to his love. He became an inventor by introducing lie for truthful world. It is a big different that he tells lies among honest people. His little lie make huge different in his world. That little lie became huge one and he became a famous story teller. But remember telling lies are not acceptable.

This is full of fun and it makes us happy. Stars have done their acting in a grate manner.

Making some one laugh is not easy as we think. But they dedicatedly do their job and the result is laugh on every person’s face.MPPA rate this as PG-13 for language including some sexual material and a drug reference. This huge movie will distribute by Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution while franchiser Media Rights Capital. Lynda Obst Productions, Lin Pictures, Radar Pictures, 1821 Pictures done grate job from getting responsible for produce this movie. The invention of lying (2009) was filmed around Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

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