The Experiment Movie Trailer

"The Experiment movie"

The Experiment Movie

The new The Experiment trailer of the upcoming movie The Experiment showcases some very interesting parts of the movie which promise that it is going to be memorable and thus unforgettable experience to the audience which features a gripping story that captures the thriller and suspense in a psychological drama in their most possible realistic nature.

This directorial of Paul Scheuring brings the story of an experiment carried out by a group of scientists in order to determine the human behavior in certain circumstances. Initially twenty six men are chosen to role play as guard and prisoners in the setting of an actual prison where everything is kept under surveillance. What began as an experiment gets out of control with dangerous and tragic aftermaths.

Adrien Brody, Cam Gigandet and Forest Whitaker are coming up with their best in acting to adorn The Experiment which sure must have been challenging and at the same time demanding as well. The movie is waiting to be released and with a psychologically thrilling story in its heart tThe Experimen offers the audience a once in a life time movie experience.

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