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Sasha Grey Born Today

"Sasha Grey"

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey actress which is quite famous for her works in adults movies had been born on 14th of March and now Sasha Grey has her acting career which focuses on works in mainstream movie field. Other than acting she has shown an interest in modeling and music as well so it seems that she might be in her way to become one of the notable actresses. Though she had first gained attention through her pieces of works in field of adults movies she had the chance of appearing in television programs and culture magazines. Taking part in music videos and advertising campaigns she now boasts of a career which spans across nearly six years and through these years she had manged to become a popular actress among many others.

Actress Sasha Grey had her breakthrough role in Steven Soderbergh drama The Girlfriend Experience which had bee hoer debut piece of work in mainstream acting. Up until that she had only starred in adult movies and videos. Despite not doing well at box office it definitely earner this actress a recognition as having much potential and capacity. So with praises accolades won for that role she has manged to focus more on mainstream acting. And one such project is I Melt with You which is set to hit theaters sometime in this year. Thus it seems that this actress has talents and skills which might help her to achieve a notable place in field of mainstream acting as a fine artist.

Sasha Grey had first entered field of acting as soon as she had hits eighteen. Coming from a working class background she appears to have had what many be called as a troubled childhood. Soon after arriving in Los Angeles city she had managed to secure works in adult movie industry. Even at the early stages for her career she had earned much recognition as a potential major star and comparisons have been drawn with some notable actresses in the field. Though she seems to be no longer involved in adult movie industry and focused more on mainstream acting viewers can see some fine performances made by her in future.

Sasha Grey Join Cast of I Melt with You

"Sasha Grey Join Cast of I Melt with You"

Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey whose joining the cast of  independent venture I Melt with You movie makes upcoming motion picture a one to watch out and for Sasha Grey this might be another opportunity to do deliver an exceptional piece of acting in mainstream acting. Though she might be best known as an actress in adult movies for in between working in those kind of movies she has also focused on coming up with main stream movies as well. And her character portrayals in Steven Soderbergh movie The Girlfriend Experience had been quite outstanding that she had impressed many through it. So it is safe to assume that director Mark Pellington might have been one of them who had identified her skills for he had got her on board for his latest cinematic venture.

Though I Melt with You movie might have actress Sasha Grey doing a supporting role it will nonetheless be a fine opportunity for her because she has also been given the chance to work with some talented and well experienced stars in the field today. She had entered the filed of adults movie as soon as she had turned eighteen and at the negining itself she had manged to gain recognition as a potential major star. While receiving praises for her roles in movies she had also been approached with offers of appearing in caovers of popular magazines and in addiiton to that she had also been featured in music videos and commercials all addaing creditable titles to her resume.

In I Melt with You movie actress Sasha Grey will be joined onscreen by srtars like Carla Gugino, Rob Lowe and Jeremy Piven so with the chance of working with these artists given to her it can be said that she will definitely make it to shine onscreen with this theatrical feature. Four middle aged men who had been friends at college meet up to catch up an have a good time. Though each may appear avearge with families prefessions and responsiblities they have much hidden uinderneath theier appearances. And over a weekned these hidden qualities surface fueled by drugs physical relations and music.