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Gravity Movie (2012)

"Gravity Movie"

Gravity Movie

Gravity movie which has its filming going on can be mentioned as one of the talked about projects as well for this new science fiction flick will have in its store exciting cinematic elements of thriller, suspense and drama. Enriched with those cinematic elements rest is assured that audience will be watching out and looking forward to have a roller coaster ride of a cinematic experience which will also be exceptional and extraordinary. The combination of former mentioned cinematic elements will allow viewers to feel curious and intrigued about the project so they will make sure to be there to see this.

With three academy award nominations included in his resume as a director Alfonso Cuarón will make sure to deliver an extraordinary cinematic experience for audience through Gravity movie. Many of his movies have managed to receive positive responses from audience and critics which suggest that this new motion picture directed by him might also earn similar kind of reaction. When looking at list of movies he has done it consists of some amazing and amazing cinematic ventures. Thus fans who had enjoyed  his previous cinematic ventures will be counting days to have the first hand experience of this new movie.

In Gravity movie protagonists will be Ryan Stone and Matt Kowalski two astronauts who are busy with a new mission. They must repair a telescope and then launch it from Atlantis space station. While they are halfway through it they receive news that they must abort the mission and get on board their ship. Reason is an avalanche of satellites which is coming towards them in accelerated speed. Sp they must race against time in order to get back to their ship and return to earth. With many complications occurring they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

With Gravity movie viewers will be enabled to see the star studded cast which has two of the most notable artists in industry today. So fans of veteran stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock will be looking forward to see and enjoy this motion picture. Since both stars are award winners viewers will be enabled to see them delivering some marvelous pieces of performances. Supporting roles will be given to life by notable and well recognizes stars as well. So it will not be surprising to have theaters filled with many anticipating viewers who are hoping to see a finely crafted motion picture.

Gravity movie is yet to have a release date attached to it and since the project has its shooting going in in full swing at the moment it can be said that this will be a great source of entertainment. Previews for movie are yet to be released so audience will be counting days to have the first hand experience of this fascinating sounding motion picture. Dealing with thrilling and exciting cinematic elements in its content this motion picture will draw attention as an amazing motion picture. Through this flick thriller, suspense and drama will be captured in a great way highlighting science fiction element.

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney Caught in Gravity

"Sandra Bullock and George Clooney"

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney

Gravity movie looks like it has manged to lock down two of the notable and highly sought after stars for the project allowing Gravity movie to be a not to be missed kind of a motion picture for audiences. Now the movie has two academy award winning stars on board and they are Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. This upcoming science fiction thriller flick had made it to attract attention of audience with its casting call with some well known artists had been linked to the project. However the early cast members had to exit the project due to various reasons. However the movie seems to have manged to attract the two high;y recognized stars to the project and this is going to be a fine piece of entertainment.

With Gravity movie three times academy award nominee movie maker Alfonso Cuarón will be presenting his latest directorial venture and this is bound to draw the attention of both critics and audiences. He has managed to get two talents stars as well. George Clooney who is an actor turned director can be mentioned as one of the finest stars in industry with an impressive career and taking part in quality projects upcoming projects is going to be another fine kind of a movie for fans. As for Sandra Bullock she had won an Oscar for last year and with that she had become not only only an experienced actress but also an award winning actress as well.

Through Gravity movie stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney will be joined onscreen for the first time so fans of either star will have to watch out for this motion picture. In addition to being a thriller packed science fiction flick this will also have elements like suspense and drama dealt in the story. As the story unravels it will have two astronauts who are working at Atlantic Space Station when they get instructions to get into their ship immediately and head back to earth. Reason is that a satellite avalanche is moving towards them in high speed and movie will follow the way in which two of them try to save themselves form upcoming danger.

Robert Downey Jr Join Gravity

"robert downey jr"

robert downey jr

Robert Downey Jr is in to play a lead role in Gravity movie which sounds like another chance of seeing actor Robert Downey Jr is not far for the fans of this popular artist.  In a science fiction setting exciting elements of  suspense thriller and drama is most likely to be included to enjoyment of audience who are destined to have a cinematic experience enhanced with eye popping 3D effects because it has been announced that forthcoming flick will make use of this most sought after technology. Thus it can be promised that most realistic motion picture is on its way all ready to take audience in a gritty joy ride. Currently in pre production level it has been said that shooting is set to hit off in January next year. Thus with filming getting in shape to get underway soon it is most likely that it will make it to the theatres sometime in 2012.

Gravity movie leading star actor Robert Downey Jr is most famous these days with success of hit Iron Man series and he also has eagerly waited Sherlock Holmes sequel as well. Though his personal life may appear as somewhat trouble filled with unsavory incidents he sure has gone on to prove himself to be a fine actor whose exceptional and outstanding potential had made him to be one of the most sought after actors in his times. Not known as a modest kind of an actor he sure has brilliance in coming up with character portrayals where emotions of sarcasm and humor can be delivered with an indifferent face. His career also include acting in television serials as well so complete with highly versatile set of performances he sure has had the chance of teaming up with notable movie makers throughout his career that has made him to be placed among the most wanted actor

Alfonso Cuarón will direct Gravity movie who is one of the top rated movie makers in industry to day and it has been mentioned that Sandra Bullock will be seen as the lady. Space based movie will look at experiences of two NASA astronauts who are made to go through the most unexpected kind of a scenario during one of their missions. While engaged in repairing of a space located telescope in Atlantis Space Station head office warns them of a forthcoming disaster so they are advised to stop in the middle and return to space as soon as possible. This upcoming disaster comes in shape of a satellite avalanche so thriller suspense and action packed motion picture will deal with events chronicling how they will make it through this impeding danger. So an entertainment packed joyride is promised surely for fans.

Gravity might lose Robert Downey Jr.

"robert downey jr"

robert downey jr

Robert Downey Jr. is on the verge of dropping out of science fiction thriller Gravity movie which suggests that with a tight schedule Robert Downey Jr. seems to be having quite an impressive number of high flying flicks to manage. The problem has occurred due to filming schedules of Sherlock Holmes 2 which seems to be getting in the way of forthcoming venture but fans definitely can have their fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

Over the time Robert Downey Jr. sure has earned a good reputation for himself by appearing in top notch projects under top lit directors and Gravity movie too had been another similar motion picture with many possibilities of becoming a hit. However it is yet to be seen how maters will unravel and viewers can hope that this fine actor will be able to take part in movie. With success of Iron Man series and Sherlock Holmes franchise he sure has become one of the most sought after actors.

Alfonso Cuarón who is one of the renowned and acclaimed moviemakers in his time will be coming with his next promising piece of work with Gravity movie that will follow efforts undertaken by a trapped in space scientist to return to earth.

Natalie Portman possibly Star in Gravity movie

"natalie portman"

natalie portman

Natalie Portman has been approached with role of leading lady in Gravity movie by academy award nominee Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón. Many high flying and star powered actresses were earlier rumored to be attached to lead role of this upcoming science fiction thriller movie but it finally appears as creators have settled on this talented actress especially after pre release reviews of her coming soon movie Black Swan.

Natalie Portman who is being considered to star in Gravity movie is without doubt one of the most sought after actresses in her time and she is usually seen as doing characters that rather smart with much maturity and at the same time rather grown up for their age. Her performance as a troubled teenager in action thriller The Professional in tender age proved to be a breakthrough role for her until then there has been no stop for her when it come to acting pieces that are enviable and versatile.

Robert Downey Jr. is set to play main male role in Gravity movie which follows a gripping and intense story of a single survivor of a space mission to repair a space situated telescope while she hopelessly tries to return to Earth and reunite with her daughter.

Gravity movie competition Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively

"scarlett johansson and blake lively"

scarlett johansson and blake lively

Hollywood bombshells Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively are the candidates for the leading lady’s role in upcoming Alfonso Cuarón directorial Gravity. The science fiction suspense thriller movie already has Robert Downey Jr. as the male lead star and earlier it was none other than Angelina Jolie who was supposed to star opposite him. Things changed and now the creators have two possible actresses to replace her.

With some brilliant projects like Lost in Translation Girl With A Pearl Earring and The Prestige in her acting profile Scarlett Johansson sure has more than enough qualification to shine onscreen in the movie. On the other hand Blake Lively is not a bad choice either because she has her own acting career to show off her talents. She also has few highly anticipated upcoming movies as well.

Gravity is a space film that deals with the dangerous fate of few astronauts who are stranded in the most remote place in space when their ship is hit by the junk from an exploded satellite. With the impeding danger of a satellite avalanche orbiting in their direction time is running out faster than they imagine making their escape impossible.

Scarlett Johansson joined Gravity movie



In Gravity the directorial of Alfonso Cuarón star diva Scarlett Johansson will cast opposite Robert Downey Jr. The project has been mentioned as one of the most desired project when it comes to high technology and it has been announced that Gravity will be shot applying the latest and most advanced techniques in 3D field.

The science fiction drama Gravity captures the experiences of two NASA scientists who are made to race against time when one of their missions go wrong. While the two astronauts were busy repairing the Hubble Telescope they receive the message that an avalanche of satellite is hitting their direction meaning that the two has to get back to the ship and to earth as soon as possible.

Thus Gravity is also a thriller suspense and being the presentation of Warner Brother’s Pictures the upcoming 3D venture is going to be with out doubt a grand project and with impressive and eye catching visuals captured in deep space Gravity sure is a movie to watch out for by the moviegoers who are willing to get their minds blown away by a great science fiction movie.