Straight A’s Movie (2012)

"Straight A's Movie"

Straight A's Movie

Straight A’s movie appears to be a delightful comedy drama to look forward with awe and inspiration for this latest addition to the genre will be unlike any other. Though movies belonging to this genre are released quite often this is going to be an exceptional one. Making this forthcoming venture an engaging and amusing one will be a talented director and great cast on board. So the interesting and impressive features will make sure to allow this fascinating realization of a motion picture to be unforgettable. A must watch and not to be missed cinematic venture this will surely be.

James Coxis the director who will make sure to deliver a fine realization of a motion picture with Straight A’s movie and when looking at this audience will feel thrilled and excited. As a director he haws made sure to deliver viewers with a number of well known and well received cinematic ventures. They make his resume to appear impressive and fascinating. So it will not be surprising to see a large crowd of anticipating and eager fans making it to theaters in order to see the newest motion picture done by the director who has plenty of talent.

Straight A’s movie will have a protagonist in man who had been in a rehabilitation center for nearly a decade. He is released and he is not in a mind to visit rest of the family on whom he has turned his back. However the ghost of his mother persists him to visit his brother. Having no choice he reluctantly makes the journey and the family is no sure what to make out of this. After his arrival to the household things take a different turn because of his brother’s wife who still holds the torch for him as her first love.

Straight A’s movie will make sure to have on board a fantastic cast which will make this motion picture look engaging and amusing to fullest. Anna Paquin is the leading lady who will make sure to deliver a fine piece of acting as her latest cinematic venture and she will be joined onscreen Ryan Phillippe who will be seen starring in the main male role. Another key role will be given to life by Luke Wilson. A not to be missed motion picture this can hope to be in eyes of audience who get to have an exciting and thrilling time at theaters. Viewers will be surprised and stunned to see this.

Straight A’s movie is still in filming so it is most likely that audience will get to see this sometime in next year. The wish in mind of viewers to have an entertainment filled time will become true much to their fascination. Movie going crowds are assured this will be a remarkable kind of a motion picture to watch out and look forward with wide eyed awe. An awesome and amazing comedy drama will be given away for audience to this is bound to allow viewers get interested about seeing this. Movie goers are assured of a laugh out loud motion picture.

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