Punisher 4 movie will be on big screen.

"punisher 4"

punisher 4

Punisher 4 movie might not be a dream after all and with the latest news that Kevin Fiege will be involved in it and the matter has been officially announced by his agent confirming the matter publicly. He went on to say that Frank Castle the main character of Punisher 4 is ready to be rejuvenated in another theatrical adaptation as a crime action thriller. The Marvel Studios has already bagged the rights for the project and though nothing is revealed the matter is sure that the movie is underway.

So far there had been there prequels to Punisher 4 staring different stars. The first one had Dolph Lundgren in the 1980’s movie while the next installment had Thomas Jane in the role of Frank Castle. The recent and the third episode had Ray Stevenson in the leading role which was screened in 2008.  All the movies did fairly well and were well received by the crowds.

Punisher 4 will follow the story of Frank Castle the crime destroyer who is on a revenging spree to finish off each and every criminal who crosses his path. The comic book story the more than necessary potential to be made it up to the wide screen as an action and thriller drama and the fans are encouraged to stay alert for more news regarding Punisher 4.

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