Parker Movie (2012)

"Parker Movie"


Parker movie is going to bring life to a book series so the motion picture treatment given to the story is going to be a remarkable one for audience. As the story of this motion picture goes it will deal with crime and thriller so a gripping and mind bending roller coaster ride can be promised for audience. Movies belonging to this genre catch eye and attention of audience for viewers are interested in seeing them without missing. With some promising features included it will be not a surprise to see many among viewers adding this flick to the list of must watch movies.

The director who is on board Parker movie is Taylor Hackford who has director movies that had gone on to win and get nominated for many awards. This latest venture might be another theatrical feature that will show find movie making skills possessed by the director. His last venture had gone on to capture attention of many with its remarkable features so it is possible to say this new motion picture handled by the movie maker will make sure to draw large crowds. An adrenaline rushing and mind bending roller coaster ride this will definitely be.

The highlighted cinematic elements of Parker movie which are crime and thriller will be brought out all the more by the performances delivered by the cast for this boasts of an impressive and interesting cast. One of the main roles will be played by Jason Statham who is well known for his character portrayals in action flicks and with this new one will be enabled to add another fascinating one. The actor will be joined onscreen by Michael Chiklis and Jennifer Lopez. Main roles in the movie will be given to life by them and the supporting roles too will be given to life by some of the well known movie stars.

Parker movie will be dealing with quite an interesting and impressive kind of a story where the fusion of crime and thriller will be at it best. The main character of the story will be a thief. While carrying out burglaries he is not reluctant to kill even if the occasion arises. However despite his thieving ways he adheres to code of honor. That is he does not steal from those who are in dire need of money. So as the story of this motion picture goes on it will chart the crime and thriller filled events that take place in this scenario.

Parker movie has a release date set on 12th of October in 2012 which suggests viewers who are interested in seeing this motion picture for themselves will have to wait for more than year. However rest assured their patience will be rewarded for this is going to be a remarkable cinematic venture. Dealing with a storyline where thriller and crime elements are brought together this will make sure to be a crowd puller of a theatrical venture. An entertaining movie experience this is most likely to be taking audience by surprise.

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