Official Prometheus Plot is Here



Prometheus movie which has been sharing some snippets about how the project is progressing now has its plot details revealed enabling Prometheus movie to catch attention of many. Recent updates of the storyline seems to have tried to sum up many details and since they do not reveal much the project seems to be keeping viewers intrigued and guessing a lot. With three times academy award nominee movie maker Ridley Scott giving away his latest directorial venture many are already anticipating to see the movie which will bring together cinematic elements of. science fiction, action, thriller and horror all one one package of entertainment. Though Fox have announced official synopsis it leaves viewers somewhat mystified for it does not have many details included leaving much space for speculation.

As the announced official plot of Prometheus movie goes on it will be an original kind of a science fiction epic delivered by the imaginative movie maker who had been instrumental in defining a new kind of a movie genre. With his new movie he will take audience to the most dangerous places in the universe. As the story unravels movie will have a team of scientists and explorers who begin a mission during which their physical and psychological limits will be tested in unexpected ways. They find themselves in a distant wold of which the existence had been only imagined and there they will get to fine out the answers to some of the greatest questions about life that have been mystifying people for a long time.

So it is clear that official update on Prometheus movie has provided some abstract ideas so when these ideas are scripted and realized on wide screen it will be an entertaining movie to watch out. The project has secured a wonderful cast which include Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba and Charlize Theron among many others. While the latest updates leave viewers intrigued they will be excited to know that Ben Foster might join the cast. This piece of news is yet to be confirmed and the project currently has shooting going on in locations in United Kingdom.

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