My Week With Marilyn Movie Poster

"My Week With Marilyn Poster"

My Week With Marilyn Poster

My Week With Marilyn movie poster is the latest preview given to forthcoming drama motion picture so My Week With Marilyn movie poster will undoubtedly attract much attention. Movie going crowds interested in seeing a dramatic touch given to an iconic personality in movie industry will surely enjoy this. The highlight of this latest preview is leading lady Michelle Williams and she will make sure to do justice to her respective character. Rest assured viewers will be enjoying this motion picture to fullest.

Talented movie maker Simon Curtis is the director who is going to offer this new motion picture shown through My Week With Marilyn movie poster so it is possible to say the directorial skills of the movie maker will be highlighted all the more. In addition to former mentioned actress this drama movie will also see to it to highlight fine acting skills of Eddie Redmayne and Kenneth Branagh. So the release date of 23rd of November will make sure to draw large crowds to theaters.

Impressed by My Week With Marilyn movie poster many among viewers will be interested in seeing the motion picture and a delightful cinematic experience is the promise for viewers. The subject matter of this cinematic venture will be a part in the life of iconic actress Marilyn Monroe. The movie will chart what happened during the time she stayed at London in order to shoot a movie. Notable actor Lawrence Olivier had been the main actor and it is said the duo had not been quite cordial on the set.

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