Kim Kardashian in Minnesota

"Kim Kardashian"

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian recently made a visit to home of her soon-to-be-ex husband in Minnesota and looking somber Kim Kardashian appears to be trying to move on by reaching closure. The divorce drama between the reality star and Kris Humphries seems to be taking a while to resolve and mixed views have been expressed about this recent visit. Though some of them might interpret this as an effort of reconciliation the sources close to the star have not confirmed the fact. What is being said is that the reality star had wanted to sort things out about the divorce with the husband personally and she had felt that she owe a face to face discussion over this matter. It had been only 73 days since their highly publicized marriage that the celebrity star had announced publicly she is filing for divorce.

As for this recent trip of Kim Kardashian it has been said that usual trail of camera had been missing as she made her way out from Paul International Airport at around 5:30 AM in Minneapolis and even her departure from Los Angeles had been a discreet one. It is said that she had booked the flight in the last moment. The only companion of the reality star seems to have been a man who can be assumed as her bodyguard. According to sources close to the star she had been confused about filing for divorce and she had been crying over the matter for a week before going public with the news.

Kim Kardashian had been next captured in camera outside Minnesota residence of  Kris Humphries engaged in a phone call. Another update on this divorce drama include that Kim and Kris are said to have planned a meeting with Pastor in order to discuss matters about ending the nuptials. As fans may remember their extravaganza of a marriage had highlighted the religious aspect so it is understandable why two of them are heading that direction. So it seems that the reality star is trying to move on with her life and it will take some time for her to get back on track with her busy reality television life as a celebrity.

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