Kim Kardashian Back in NYC

"Kim Kardashian"

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian the reality star looks like she is back in action after returning from a trip aboard and visiting New York city Kim Kardashian looked stylish as ever. Only recently the queen of reality TV had returned from a visit to United Arab Emirates during which had taken part in a number of ventures. So after the trip she seems to have spared no time but gone ahead with her busy schedule. This latest collection of photos showcases the celebrity star arriving at the hotel in New York city and before that she had a date with her NFL husband Kris Humphries. The duo had tied the knot few months ago and it seemed they enjoyed their time together despite having tight scheduled to keep up with.

For this outing at New York city Kim Kardashian had opted for a gray fur-lined coat and the fall weather in the Big Apple seemed to have required her to opt for such an attire. The celebrity star is always not protective when it comes to keeping her plans secret so that day also she made sure to share with her fans what she is up to. So as her tweet had revealed she had made a visit to Dash the clothing shop run by the family and it seemed that she had found something there to send her family members as gifts. At the same time she had also dropped in some thoughts about dolls available in the store which she had found cute.

Kim Kardashian has some busy weeks coming ahead for she has to go ahead with making plans and preparations for a birthday bash. She will be celebrating her birthday over the weekend and her birthday falls on 21st of October. As she passes the 31st milestone in her life she will celebrate it at Marquee nightclub in Las Veags. It can be assumed that the occasion is going to be an extravagant affair. This is her first birthday as a married woman and it can be predicted that she will find herself showered with some lavish gifts.

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