Incarceron Movie (2013)

"Taylor Lautner"

Taylor Lautner

Incarceron movie the fantasy adventure flick will probably be a great source of entertainment for this will be the motion picture treatment given to young adults novel written by Catherine Fisher. Though the book had more appeal to young generation it can be said that upcoming theatrical adaptation is most likely to be appealing for adult audiences as well. This movie is still in its development stage but from the appearance of it this will definitely be a motion picture to watch out for this movies promises to be a wonderful and fantastic kind of a joyride for movie goers.

Actor who had made it to fame and stardom through fantasy romance series Twilight Saga actor Taylor Lautner will be giving life to a major character in forthcoming flick and through this project he might be enabled to show is fans that he can come up with a versatile set of character portrayals. Though rest of the cast is yet to be revealed about this project it is safe to assume that this is bound to get on board some talented and well known stars to delight of viewers who might be eagerly waiting for this motion picture until it hits theaters.

As the story of Incarceron movie unravels which has an unusual touch in it will focus on a young man named Finn who had lived all his life in a prison. This carefully guarded and highly secured prions is the only place he had ever known but from time to he finds himself in a strange condition which brings memories of a different kind of a life. And amidst this he meets Claudia the daughter of warden and they strike a friendship. And it is then that Finn comes across key which just might open the door to a free life.

Incarceron movie is yet to have a director to helm the project but this flick seems to have two talented script writers penning the script which signals that this project isĀ  likely to settle for a fine director to take up the responsibility of bringing a theatrical adaptation to the story. Looking at storyline it can be said that with an mystery and fantasy packed storyline a not to be missed kind of a motion picture this will surely be in eyes of movie going crowds. Thus quite a fascinating motion picture this is bound to be taking viewers by surprise as they wait for this movie.

Incarceron movie since it is yet to hit it off with development is mot likely to make it to theaters in year after the next year but their wait for this motion picture is bound to get fulfilled in an amazing and awesome way to delight of onlookers. Coming as a fantasy flick with mystery and action elements included in content of movie this is bound to get onlookers having a rare and once in a lifetime cinematic experience to delight of viewers. All and all this definitely looks like a not to be missed flick.

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