Dragon Eyes Movie (2011)

"Dragon Eyes"

Dragon Eyes

Dragon Eyes movie is going to be a pulsating cinematic experience to watch out with wide eyed awe since forthcoming motion picture will be a striking flick. This new addition to genre of movies will be dealing with action, crime and drama all in one package of entertainment. So taking that factor into account it is safe to say that a gritty and riveting roller coaster ride will be there. The story featured in movie will be filled with quite a number of enjoyable and impressive features from beginning to end. A great cinematic experience is going to take audience by surprise.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is the actor who will be starring in key role of movie so it is safe to say that Dragon Eyes movie is going to capture some of the finest pieces of performances. His fans will definitely watch out for upcoming motion picture with wide eyed awe for they have been given the chance to take a look at wonderful pieces of performances delivered by him. As he stars in key role the movie will not forget to have some other notable movie stars such as Peter Weller and Cung Le included in the star studded cast.

John Hyams who will be coming up with his directorial venture through upcoming motion picture Dragon Eyes movie is well known for his previous ventures which include mostly action movies and this time also he has made sure to come up with a such a motion picture. So it is safe to say that those who have had the chance to see his previous movies will be looking forward with wide eyed awe to see his new movie. The fact that this has a great cast also enables the movie to be a charming and amusing one in eyes of audience.

In Dragon Eyes movie the story will revolve around two gangs in city who are made to work together when a corrupted man takes advantage of their situations. Dash and Antuan are two of the crime lords who terrorize the city with their activities. Then a stranger arrives at town making things to turn into complications. So the movie is going to show how this already complicated situation is made to turn into even more dangerous when the law interferes. This viewers will be enabled to take a look at as action, crime and drama brought together in an amazing way.

Dragon Eyes movie will be released at theaters sometime in this year itself which suggests that many will be watching out to see this. A thrilling and exciting cinematic experience will be there to keep onlookers entertained. So it will not be a surprising matter to have theaters filled with large crowds of viewers. They will have to keep their attention on for any of the previews which will enable them to form an idea about the motion picture. Rest is assured that viewers will find the movie to be exactly what they have been wishing it to be.

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