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"Chronicle Poster"

Chronicle Poster

Chronicle movie poster the newly released one can be mentioned as quite an interesting one for Chronicle movie poster has made sure to highlight the best of the forthcoming cinematic venture. Dealing with some interesting and impressive cinematic elements such as science fiction, comedy and drama will make sure to highlight the nature of this enjoyable looking flick. Viewers are always interested in seeing such movies and rest assured this new one will be entertaining.

As the story shown through Chronicle movie poster goes on it will chart the experiences of some high school kids. After a visit to the woods three of them come into possession of some super powers. Though these abilities seem pretty cool at the beginning it does not take long for things to spiral out of control. Movie is going to chart what happens afterwards as things starts to change among them.

Impressed by what has been promised with Chronicle movie poster many among viewers will be eager to have the first hand experience of the motion picture so a charming and engaging kind of a cinematic venture this is going to be. Joshua Trank is the director who is on board this motion picture and the cast of this flick include Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan and Alex Russell.

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