Cassie Scerbo Born Today

"cassie scerbo"

cassie scerbo

Cassie Scerbo celebrating her birthday on 30th of March is a talented young star who had shown her skills in many fields and with many fans Cassie Scerbo will be heading to have another happening year in her career. She is widely known for her dancing talents and combined with dancing and singing she can be mentioned as a young celebrity with many entertaining abilities. So despite having a career in show business which spans across a short period of times she has manged to become a notable stars among many others in her generation. So as she celebrates her birthday her fans will be interested and keen to know more about her.

These days Cassie Scerbo seems to be quite busy with a busy schedule to keep up with as she has a number of announced and currently underway projects. Thus with all those upcoming ventures her fans are guaranteed more chances of seeing her on both small and wide screen. Thus among those forthcoming projects is Not Another Not Another Movie which is most likely to hit theaters sometime soon this year. She also has short feature Bench Seat with a role in it. A Holiday Heist and Not Today are two of her upcoming wide screen ventures and this actress is also part of cast of Teen Spirit which is a television movie. All and all her ardent fans will be delighted to see their favorite star coming up with a wide range of character portrayals.

Cassie Scerbo is perhaps best known for her roles in Bring It On: In It to Win It and Make It or Break It which had been movies which had dance and music themes in it. She had also been a member of short lives all girl band Slumber Party Girls.  As part of that group she had taken part in a number of ventures such as dance and music segments. However the they got disbanded after a while and currently she is focusing on a solo career. So handling not only singing and acting but dancing as well she sure is one of the most talented young stars with a a promising career ahead of her.

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