Bunraku movie images released



Bunraku movie images that have been released recently show off the fantasy, action, adventure and drama in the movie to the fullest for the movie content boasts of live action martial arts to the audience among many other elements that can be expected from the movie. Bunraku images promise a revitalized re imagination to a classic tale that has been presented in the shape of a shadow-play fantasy.

Bunraku is the directorial venture of Guy Moshe who despite having handful of experiences in film making moves onto a grand project that combines controversial sides of past and present fantasy and reality Samurai and Western  in a unique and exceptional movie. Movie story centers a young man who dedicated his life to take revenge from a powerful figure for the injustice caused to him but as he digs deep he finds himself facing far greater and dangerous challenges.

In Bunraku, Josh Hartnett plays the lead role of The Drifter a mysterious young man with a mission to accomplish. Ron Perlman, Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore are also cat in the movie starring in significant roles. Combined with many elements like live action, animation  and film noir the movie is bound to provide a great movie experience to the audience

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