Argo Movie (2012)



Argo movie which has its shooting going on at the moment will turn out to be an interesting thriller drama for viewers and rest assured it will be a mind bending and gripping movie experience to watch out with wide eyed awe. The story captured in movie will have taken inspiration from a magazine article so it is going to be a fascinating ride to see the thriller and drama getting combined with political and comedy elements as well. Thus the fusion of former mentioned elements will make sure to present viewers with a an enjoyable and impressive piece of work.

Actor turned director Ben Affleck is the director who is handling the new project titled as Argo movie and with this one he will make sure to show his fine movie making skills all the more. His previous efforts as a director had gone on to receive mostly positive responses from viewers so chances are high this new one too will be such a wonderful one. Moviegoers who will be drawn to theaters eager and anticipated to see this are promised of a memorable movie experience unlike any other. The director has made sure to have an interesting looking cast as well whose performances will make this a remarkable movie experience to watch out.

With the story of Argo movie audience will be taken to a hostage case involving a group of Americans who get kidnapped. When it seems that rescuing them is going to be much harder they come up with an intricate plan. With the help of the embassy and Hollywood the CIA make up a fake movie project. So by posing as members of the cast and crew special agents infiltrate the place and soon things starts to work the way they had been planned in the first place. However there are moments when it seems things may go awry as well.

With Argo movie viewers will be heading to see the performances delivered by a wonderful cast and in addition to former mentioned director who will be starring in the main role he will be joined by many others. Alan Arkin, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, Kerry Bishe and Kyle Chandler will be among the star studded cast of the motion picture whose pieces of acting will make this flick a must watch and not to be missed one. Thus movie going crowds will be enabled to have a truly exciting and enjoyable cinematic experience unlike any other.

As for the release date of this motion picture it has been scheduled to sometime in next year so the day will make sure to draw many interested fans to theaters. The story which has been captured in Argo movie appears to have what it takes to draw many fascinated crowd who have in mind to see an entertainment filled motion picture. A one of a kind cinematic experience this is going to be taking viewers in an unforgettable movie experience. So interested fans are encouraged to make it to theaters when this hits theaters in next year.

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