Alex Kurtzman Directorial Debut Welcome to People movie

"alex kurtzman and steven spielberg"

alex kurtzman and steven spielberg

Alex Kurtzman is all ready to come up with his very first venture as a director with Welcome to People and having a producer like Steven Spielberg audience can expect there really must be something special in upcoming movie. Alex Kurtzman is well known for his creative and innovative scripts that were made into successful motion picture and having worked with acclaimed Oscar winning filmmaker in a number of previous occasions, latest development is not wonder after all.

Welcome to People has Alex Kurtzman and Jody Lambert co writing the script that centers a heartwarming drama that has the potential to win the heart of audience for the touching and engaging nature in it. Upon arriving at his father’s funeral a twenty-something young man get to know that he has a sister whose existence was unknown to him. He meets them a stranger and movie follows that happens from that point onwards.

Welcome to People movie plot sounds like a pretty impressive and interesting to the taste of audience because of its content that touches an exceptionally sensual side of human life. With new revelations made within the story there is much to look forward to in this movie that will take the audience by surprise.

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