A Boyfriend for My Wife with Steve Carell

"steve carell"

steve carell

Steve Carell is planning to come up with another romantic comedy movie with A Boyfriend for My Wife a remake of hit Argentinean flick. It seems that this popular comedy actor has found a niche for foreign material because his latest hit movie Dinner for Schmucks was a French remake. Steve Carell is also hoping to produce the project with his Carousel Productions other than starring in the lead role.

A Boyfriend for My Wife has Mark Gibson and Phil Halprin penning the script and with Warner Brothers bagging the rights for the movie the audience sure can expect something hilarious from the movie. Original movie followed a desperate husband who cannot pick up the courage to divorce his wife. He then plans to hire a handsome seductive ladies’ man to fall in love with her. However his choice of a Lothario turns out to result in hilarious outcomes.

A Boyfriend for My Wife starring Steve Carell brings much hope for the moviegoers for it suggests that bellyaching laughs are sure to accompany the audience in this movie and with the popular comedy actor finishing with The Office next year audience will get to see him more on the wide screen.

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